Sherry’s step-son fucks her ass

Sherry's step-son fucks her ass

“The best compliment I have ever received was actually getting asked out on a date by an adorable and hot 20-year-old,” said 51-year-old divorcee and mom Sherry Stunns. “We went to the movies and made out like we were in high school. The worst? I really can’t remember.”

Probably because she’s never received any. Sherry, who debuted at in 2017 and is now fucking at for the first time, is a hot, sexy, horny babe with a voluptuous body and big, fat tits. She uses her mouth to talk dirty and suck cock, not necessarily in that order. In this scene, she seduces her new step-son and has him fuck her tight pussy and ass.

50Plus MILFs: What do you consider to be your biggest assets mentally and physically?

Sherry: My biggest asset mentally is I am brutally honest, which some might say is not an asset. Don’t ask if you can’t handle the truth. Physically, my boobs and, lately, my butt.

50Plus MILFs: What do you do when you want to feel sexy?

Sherry: Throw on some makeup and a sexy outfit and read some of my reviews. I used to masturbate after reading my reviews.

50Plus MILFs: What should a man do if he wants to meet you?

Sherry: Be real, not fake, and don’t assume that because I shoot porn and stuff that you are going to get in my panties, if I am wearing any! I do love sex but I love it with open people who I can trust.

50Plus MILFs: You’re at a party and notice a guy checking you out across the room. You find him attractive. What happens next?

Sherry: He has to come to me. I will flirt and stuff, but I do like a man with balls. It shows that he is not insecure. Insecure men are usually the jealous ones in my experience. Come over to me and we’ll see what happens.

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Sherry's step-son fucks her ass

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