Layla LaMora – Layla LaMora gives a hummer

Layla LaMora gives a hummer

In this video, 52-year-old first-timer Layla LaMora demonstrates the meaning of the phrase “giving a guy a hummer.” When Layla sucks cock–and she sucks deep, gagging on Tony’s cock at times–she hums. Maybe she’s humming because she’s trying to add vibration to the blow job. Maybe she’s humming because Tony is fingering her cunt. Whatever. She’s humming. She’s giving him a hummer. It’s a unique blow job. We’d take it.

Anyway, Layla lives in Florida. She was born in New York. This scene opens with an interview, in which Layla expresses her disbelief that women get better as they get older.

“I’m not sure I believe it, but I like it,” she said. “Most people don’t feel that way.”

Well, we do, and that’s all that counts. Layla does, too. She says she’s better now than she was when she was 30.

“I’m more comfortable in my own skin.”

She’s more comfortable humming while giving blow jobs.

“Maybe I should have tried this a long time ago.”

This, meaning fucking on-camera. Not too long ago, Layla. Maybe when you turned 40. But you still weren’t as good then as you are now.

Layla LaMora gives a hummer

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