Kaiserin’s first on-camera fuck

Kaiserin's first on-camera fuck

“I’m a MILF with two kids and way too close to potentially being a GILF,” said 45-year-old wife Kaiserin Dee.

Don’t worry about that, Dee (as her friends call her). You’re looking great with your outstanding body and big, fat tits. We think you’ll be even sexier if and when you become a grandmother.

But that’s a story for another day. Here, H-cup Kaiserin is fucking on-camera for the first time. Seems as if Tyler was hired to do some work around the house and was told by Kaiserin’s hubby to come through the back door. Well, he comes around back, looks through the window and sees Kaiserin looking sexy in a dress. He’s enjoying the view until she catches him watching her. But does she tell him to get lost? No way. She drags him inside–he doesn’t take much dragging–and sucks and fucks his young cock.

Unlike so many of our MILFs, Kaiserin isn’t a swinger or a nudist. But she has sex every day, “sometimes more than once a day,” and enjoys getting herself off, too. She describes herself as sexually passive, although she’s definitely not passive in this scene. And although she’s not a swinger, she did once visit a sex club.

“I went nuts on a bed with another couple in a room with two-way glass,” she recalled. “I knew a crowd was watching because the DJ was making comments the whole time.”

She added, “I like knowing I’m turning people on. It’s not the watching per se, but knowing I’m getting them excited makes me want to perform.”

She came to the right place.

Kaiserin's first on-camera fuck

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