Fuck My Mouth, Please!

Fuck My Mouth, Please!

It is truly remarkable what a woman is capable of when she puts her mind to it. In this case, when she puts her mouth to it. Here, Carey Riley, a 42-year-old wife, has been given a very long, very thick cock to suck on. It’s the kind of cock a lot of women would shy away from, but not Carey. She sucks it deep. She makes nasty, dirty slobbering and gargling noises while she sucks. She sacrifices about a gallon of saliva while pleasuring this very lucky piece of meat. Then, for an extra-special touch, she stretches her mouth open with her fingers so the dude can fuck her mouth like it’s a pussy. This is the kind of super-slutty stuff that makes women like Carey special. Finally, she opens her mouth for his cum. She does all this while looking straight into the camera.

What else would you like to know about Carey? Haven’t we told you all you really need to hear?

Well, we can tell you she was born in Newburgh, New York and lives in Kentucky. She lists her occupation as “sales and adult entertainment.” She plays golf. She enjoys watching college basketball (the University of Kentucky is her favorite team), and in her spare time, she’s into cooking and camping. She’s a swinger.

“My husband and I were at Hedonism, and we had a group of about a hundred people watching, and we started fucking at poolside,” Carey said. “Then I saw a girl who was single watching, and I grabbed her and pulled her into the mix with us.”

Hmmmm…we’re guessing that you already hit the play button.

Fuck My Mouth, Please!

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