First-timer Layla is quiet, but she’s a great fuck

First-timer Layla is quiet, but she's a great fuck

Sometimes the quiet ones are the hottest. Layla LaMora, a 52-year-old first-timer from Florida (born in New York) was very reserved when she sat down for an interview with the editor. She answered all of his questions in a polite manner and came across as reserved.

And then the stunt cock showed up, and Layla turned into a different woman…the kind of woman we love. Yes, she engulfed his cock. Yes, she fucked it. Yes, she took a big load of cum all over her face and played with it.

Never discount the quiet ones.

Layla says a man attracts her attention by “being sweet.” She discovered us while surfing the Internet. We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, “I’m not sure. You never know what I will do next.”

Well, she isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist. She’s never had sex with a woman. She’s never been in a threesome. We asked her if she likes being watched while having sex, and she said, “I will find out today.”

She found out.

“I do,” she said.

Ya gotta love the quiet ones.

First-timer Layla is quiet, but she's a great fuck

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