Veronique – Veronique gets ass-fucked

Veronique gets ass-fucked

Veronique Goldie is lying in bed, working on her iPad. She’s a busy woman.

“You should relax, baby,” her man says.

By relax, he means, “You should stop working and suck my cock.”

She keeps working. He rubs her shoulders. She’s looking sexy in a short, slit skirt and stockings. Before long, Veronique does forget about work. She lies back and has her pussy eaten. Then she sucks cock. Then she gets fucked in a variety of positions, including doggie (check out how her pretty tits jiggle). Then she hops on top for an ass-fucking. Yes, Veronique has taken a break from work to get ass-fucked. Her guy cums on her pussy.

Veronique is 53 years old. Last time she was here, she told us “I prefer soft, romantic sex.” We didn’t give it to her then and we didn’t give it to her this time. We had her guy fuck her hard.

Veronique is a mother and grandmother. She’s been an actress. She isn’t acting here. She’s enjoying it. She’s divorced. She says she doesn’t fuck nearly as much as she’d like. We’ve never understood that. A woman like Veronique can fuck whenever she wants.

Maybe she should get rid of that iPad.

Veronique gets ass-fucked

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