Raquel Ritz – The hidden hubby tapes

The hidden hubby tapes

Raquel, who’s 40, wants to fuck her next-door-neighbor Peter. Peter, who’s 22, wants to fuck Raquel, but he’s afraid her husband is going to catch them. Sure, he’s going to get pussy, but then he’s going to get the shit kicked out of him.

“He’s not here,” Raquel insists. “Get my pussy wet.”

But he is there, and he’s watching from the closet, which is also where we’re watching from as Raquel sucks and fucks Peter’s cock. The thing is, Raquel’s husband doesn’t mind that some guy is fucking his wife. He gets off on it. The only way Peter’s going to get the shit kicked out of him is if he doesn’t fuck Raquel. But there’s no chance of that.

A man with a hard-on will always take chances. It’s after Peter cums on Raquel’s face that he decides to get lost, at which time Raquel asks her hidden hubby, “Did you like that?”

He liked it. We liked it. You’re gonna like it.

Raquel is a real-life wife and mother of two teenage daughters. She’s 5’2″. She’s from Pennsylvania. She’s been a swinger since 2010.

“One time, we had six couples in one room,” Raquel said. “I sat on one woman’s face and she ate my pussy while my husband fucked her. She squirted all over my husband’s cock.”

Sounds kinky. Raquel loves gangbangs. She enjoys being watched while she’s fucking.

No surprise there.

The hidden hubby tapes

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