Please cum to the teacher’s office

Please cum to the teacher's office

In these photos, 49-year-old Ainsley Adams shows how to win Teacher of the Year: by sucking and fucking your man students in your office. Ms. Adams, who’s dressed very sexily for a high school tutor, calls her student in for a talk. He thinks he’s in trouble.

“Your grades are slipping,” Ms. Adams says. “Your behavior is pretty bad.”

He’s not focusing on his work. He’s focusing on her. You’d be distracted, too, if you had a tutor who looks like Ms. Adams. She’s a sexy, long-legged MATURE who’s wearing a tiny skirt and a top that shows plenty of cleavage. This is not what the average mentor wears, but Ainsley is not your average tutor.

“Do you like that,” she says, standing up. “I can help you bring your grade up.”

“How?” he asks.

By bringing his dick up. That’s Ms. Adams’ idea. By sucking and tit-fucking his rod right there in the workplace then nailing that student dick. Is this allowed? Isn’t this the kind of thing mentors get fired for? Yeah, it is. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

“I was a carpool mature,” said Ainsley, who’s divorced. “I raised my kids and I worked. But I always had a small bit of an edge. A tiny bit of a sexy edge. I’ve done what people have asked me to do my whole life. I feel sexy. This makes me feel sexy. This makes me feel good.”

Very obviously, she makes her student feel good, too. And isn’t that what makes a tutor memorable…when she makes her students feel good about themselves?

Please spunk to the teacher's office

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