Katherine Merlot – 73-year-old Katherine and her cunt

73-year-old Katherine and her cunt

“I love to suck nice hard, young dicks. I like them in my cunt, too, but I have to get them hard first.”

So says 73-year-old Romanian divorcee and mom Katherine Merlot, our second-oldest GILF ever (Sandra Ann is the oldest). It’s hard to find a 73-year-old gal who uses the words “dick” and “cunt” and talks about her sexual habits. It’s even harder to find one who is beautiful, sexy and fucks on-camera, as Katherine loves to do at 60PlusMILFs.com.

Katherine told us how she likes to please young men.

“I lay them down on the bed, and I go down and I tickle their balls gently with my tongue, then I put the dick in my mouth and I just suck it. I bob my head up and down and lick all around the head of the cock. And then I take my tongue and go all the way down to the balls. I lick them, I suck them, then back up to the head, and by then, my pussy is nice and juicy and wet, and I’m ready to get properly fucked.”

Speaking of pussy, Katherine says hers is mature, but still youthful.

“It’s still tight. I get a lot of compliments on my cunt.”

Do guys say to her, “Katherine, you have a nice cunt”? We wonder.

73-year-old Katherine and her cunt

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