Payton Parker’s first time

Payton Parker's first time

“Would the people who know me be surprised to see me here? Sort of,” said Payton Parker, a 46-year-old divorcee from Washington State. “I’ve been a stripper. I’m pretty wild.”

Here, this mother of two adult children (meaning she’s free to do whatever she wants) fucks a 29-year-old dude who she met about five minutes before she started sucking his cock. We’re going to guess that the people Payton knows would be surprised to see her doing this.

Payton is a beautiful woman with a hot body. She’s 5’4″ and weighs 116 pounds. When we asked what she’s never done and wants to do, she said, “I’m doing it right now.”

Glad we could fulfill your fantasy, Payton! You’re definitely fulfilling ours.

By the way, Payton found us on CraigsList, which just goes to show you that CraigsList is good for something besides buying old furniture.

Payton is not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. She likes when guys cum on her face, which is what the dude does in these photos. She’s an exhibitionist. She’s into women. And when we asked her if she’s into anal sex, she said, “On days my ass says yes, yes!”

Her ass said yes on one of the days she spent with us, but that’s a story for another day.

Payton Parker's first time

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