Angie teaches anal sex…to her daughter’s boyfriend!

Angie teaches anal her daughter's boyfriend!

Johnny, who’s 23 years old, walks into his girlfriend’s house and hears moaning. He’s concerned. He has no idea what’s going on. Is somebody in distress? He investigates, and what does he find? Angie Noir, his girlfriend’s 53-year-old mom, on all fours in her bedroom, fucking her ass with a ribbed butt plug. She’s really getting into it, and he can’t believe what he’s seeing.

But then she sees him. Trouble?

Not exactly.

“I’m sorry, Miss Angie. I didn’t see anything,” he stammers.

Yeah. Didn’t see anything. Just Miss Angie slamming her asshole with a toy.

“Come here, Johnny,” she says. “It’s okay.”

He sits on the bed, afraid to get too near to her. She asks him, “Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?”

Johnny can barely get the words out of his mouth: “I’ve never done that. I don’t think I even know how to.”

“It’s so much more fun,” Angie says. “You have to try it.”

“I might try it on my girlfriend,” he says.

Of course, his girlfriend is Angie’s daughter. But she says, “I think you should try it first with someone who knows what she’s doing.”

That would be her.

“I think you need someone who’s an expert first, and then you can fuck my daughter in the ass.”

Whoa! So, what we’re about to see is a woman teaching her daughter’s boyfriend about anal sex. You don’t see that every day.

But first, Angie gags on his cock. Did she realize her daughter’s boyfriend had such a big dick? Probably. Then she loudly sucks his balls. He eats her pussy while re-priming her asshole with a toy. He fucks her pussy. Angie invites his dick deep into her ass, and he fucks it hard while she has one analgasm after another. Finally, with Johnny’s balls about to explode, she begs, “I want to feel your big fuckin’ load all over my boobs.”

We bet Angie’s daughter doesn’t talk that way.

Angie teaches anal her daughter's boyfriend!

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