Molly & Steve: behind-the-scenes fuck

Molly & Steve: behind-the-scenes fuck

We suggest that before you watch this scene, you watch the video “Molly’s Big Cock Adventure.” You don’t have to watch the whole scene but you should watch at least the final minute when Steve, the lucky dude, shoots his load in 51-year-old Molly’s mouth.

This video picks up where that one ended. You’d think they’d be done for the day, right? Molly’s been fucked every which way. She’s cum over and over. She’s sucked the cum off of Steve’s big cock. As for Steve, you’d definitely think he’d be over and out. He’s already fucked Molly twice in one day (once for the photos, once for the video), so he can’t possibly have anything left in him, can he?

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Steve says to Molly. “Come on.”

They run up the steps but then they stop at the first landing. Does Steve have another hard-on? Can he possibly still be hard? He does. He is!

“I really gotta take a shower,” Molly says, but there’ll be no showering for now. They’re gonna fuck again on a glass floor, and since the videographer downstairs hasn’t put away his camera, he’s shooting it all while looking up at the action.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens after the couples fuck…well, this isn’t what usually happens. But it’s a rare behind-the-scenes video that’s super-hot, not only because Molly is so sexy but because it’s so real.

Molly & Steve: behind-the-scenes fuck

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