Micky Lynn fucks her student

Micky Lynn fucks her student

Micky Lynn, 45, has been sitting in her classroom waiting for her student to show up. But he’s late, and when he finally does arrive, Micky is not happy with him.

“I’m going to have to teach you a very valuable lesson in how to be on-time and how to do things right,” Micky says. “You have to be on time because I have needs.”

Turns out he’s been having trouble with his girlfriend.

“She doesn’t want to have sex,” he says.

Micky does. As she said, she has needs.

“So maybe I’m going to have to teach you a few things that your girlfriend can’t teach you,” she says, then she pulls out his cock and starts sucking it POV-style. A lot of this scene is shot POV, and in the rest, we don’t see the guy’s face, so it could be you pounding Micky from behind and shooting your load on her tits and pretty face.

Micky, who’s a mom, is a former big-time porn star who’s back in the game after nearly 20 years away.

“It feels different but the same also,” Micky said when we asked her how it feels to be back on-camera. “It feels so good. I’m a little older and a little wiser now, but I’ve still got it. I’m excited to meet all my new fans that are out there and get to know them, get to comfort them, get to suck on cock and play with myself and all that good stuff.”

All that good stuff, eh?

“I like to watch all kinds of porn,” Micky said. “I like to watch women going down on women. I like to watch men and women and also men and men. I love it all. Sex is sensual and it makes me feel so good.”

Micky Lynn fucks her student

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