Maya Luna & her anal toys

Maya Luna & her anal toys

Maya Luna, a rare Filipina at, is wearing a modest red dress that the average 50something woman might wear. But Maya is not your average 50something. Underneath, this 57-year-old wife and mom is wearing a leopard-print bustier, little panties, garter belt and stockings. Today, she’s going to put on a toy show for you. She’s going to fill her ass with orange anal beads and a dildo while playing with her very wet, very pink pussy.

50PlusMILFs: What’s the most-fun job you’ve ever had?

Maya: What I am doing now. I am a webcam model, and I love being in front of the camera and getting naughty and sexy for all the men to watch. And now I am doing this, which is just as much fun.

50PlusMILFs: Now, where were you born?

Maya: I was born in Manila in the Philippines, and now I live in Anaheim, California with my husband and two sons.

50PlusMILFs: What are your hobbies?

Maya: I enjoy hiking, gardening and making my own jewelry.

50PlusMILFs: How do you dress when you go out in public?

Maya: Mostly casual. Denims, shorts, t-shirts and tank tops, but when we go to a club, I want to be sexy and flirty. If I go to a party, I will wear a sexy dress.

50PlusMILFs: In this scene, you’re playing with some anal toys. When did you get into anal sex?

Maya: Not until recently. I just got introduced to it. I am getting to like it more and more. At first, I just did it for my husband, but now I am doing it for myself, too.

50PlusMILFs: What’s your fantasy?

Maya: Me, my husband and a girl. I want to show my husband how I will make the girl cum and be in control.

Maya Luna & her anal toys

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