Kali Ryder fucks Juan

Kali Ryder fucks Juan

A boring day around the house, cooking and cleaning, becomes much more exciting for 42-year-old Kali Ryder when her daughter’s boyfriend shows up. He’s Juan “El Caballo” Loco. Juan, who looks like a kid, doesn’t seem disappointed when Ms. Ryder tells him that Pam, her daughter, won’t be home for a while. He’s happy to just sit and talk with Ms. Ryder. She’s a cool mom.

Kali is intrigued by Juan’s tattoos. It quickly becomes an “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” situation. She shows Juan her tattoos. All of them, including the one on her stomach and the ones on her back. He shows her the one on his chest. She wants a better view of it and has him take off his shirt. By this time, her leg is draped over his. Then her hand wanders down to his crotch.

“What’s this? This isn’t a tattoo,” she says.

“Miss Ryder, I don’t think we should be going down there. I’m dating your daughter.”

“That’s fine,” Kali says. “Pam and I, we share everything.”

And now, they’re sharing Pam’s boyfriend.

Pam, by the way, is porn star Pamela Morrison. Yep, mother and daughter both fuck on-camera.

This video has many highlights. Kali gives her daughter’s boyfriend a sloppy blow job. He fucks her mouth so she gags on his cock, but Kali doesn’t flinch. She wants more cock in her mouth. Juan fucks her every which way, hard and deep with his big, thick cock, and when he’s fucking her from behind, he can’t hold back and cums deep inside her pussy. What follows is one of the best creampies you’ve ever seen as Kali spreads her pink, gaping, well-fucked cunt so we can watch the jizz stream out of her.

“How do you like your cum dripping out of my pussy?” Kali says. “Fuckin’ hot!”

Kali Ryder fucks Juan

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