Lacy and the pool boy

Lacy and the pool boy

Lacy B. Cummings is sunning herself by the pool on a gorgeous, sunny day in Southern California. But the beauty of the day pales in comparison to Lacy, whose smokin’-hot, 52-year-old body looks incredible in her tiny bikini.

“I actually have a new pool boy today,” this blonde hottie tells her girlfriend over the phone. “He’s super-hot. Really young, just like we like them. I’ll take some photos and send them to you. No, we haven’t done anything yet.”


“Oh, and I think I noticed his cock getting hard, too. He has a big cock. I can’t wait to see it.”

The pool boy shows up. He’s brought her water. He’s also not wearing a shirt. Is this guy a pool boy or Lacy’s personal servant? We’re about to find out.

After Lacy asks him to make her something stronger–an adult beverage, if you will–she follows him inside.

“I want something stronger than that,” she says. “How about your nice, hard cock?”

Well, like we said, this supposed pool boy doesn’t seem to have brought along any equipment except his cock. And Lacy is impossible to resist. So he doesn’t resist, and before long, Lacy is sucking and riding his big dick.

“The younger guys are always looking at me,” said Lacy, who’s a mother and a grandmother. “There’s something about a mature woman that they are really attracted to. It makes them wild and submissive to me.”

There’s something about Lacy? We can easily figure out exactly what that is. Just look at her.

Lacy and the pool boy

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