Julia Butt – Julia Butt rubs one out

Julia Butt rubs one out

Julia Butt rubs one out

It is a masseuse’s job to loosen up your muscles…not tighten them and make them hard, as Julia Butt does to the guy’s cock in this scene. When it comes to relieving stress, Julia is great at her job. She jacks the cock. Sucks it. Sits on top of it. Drains her client of all the stress he has built up over a long, hard day at work. So, yes, Julia makes certain muscles harder. But that’s because she’s a different kind of masseuse.

“I once did a male friend of our 18-year-old son,” said Julia, who by “our” means she and her husband. Yeah, she’s married. Yeah, she fucks other guys. And get this about the male friend of her 18-year-old son…

“I did him for his 18th birthday,” said Julia, who was 55 when this scene was shot. “It was like a birthday present. I’d done his father many times before. Doing the kid was his father’s idea.”

Obviously, Julia loves to fuck. She said her fantasy is to be “on a deserted island with several well-hung guys.” They’d be walking around with hard-ons all day, considering Julia is toting around a 36D-26-36 body.

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