Hot EXPERIENCED Justine Jakobs bangs her step-son

Hot SEASONED Justine Jakobs fucks her step-son

Hot OLDER Justine Jakobs nails her step-son

Justine Jakobs has her eyes on her step-son, and she’s not shy about it. She grabs his ass while he’s working out, shocking him, and that leads to … well, you know what it leads to. She sucks his cock and goes very deep. He eats her 41-year-old pussy. They pound hard and passionately, and then he glazes her beautiful face with his load.

Born in Louisiana, Justine lives in Austin, Texas. She’s only 5’3″ tall, weighs just 112 humps and has D-cup tits. They’re hotties.

“The people I know would be surprised to see me here but also not surprised,” Justine said. “I’ve been modeling since I was 20 and have always wanted to be an actress and in front of the camera. Since I don’t talk about what I do, it would be a surprise but not out of my character at all.”

Justine’s hobbies are wake surfing, yoga, CrossFit, biohacking (using technology and innovations in science and health care to improve the quality of her life), traveling and reality estate. She told us, “A guy attracts my attention by treating me as an equal, first and foremost. I like when my appearance is appreciated but not focused on as the highlight of what I bring to the table. My intelligence, drive and connection with people are my greatest assets, not my babe.

“I have a bachelor of science in biochemistry. I have been a barista, a stripper and a salesman. I worked in health care in rheumatology and sold insurance, and I keep coming back to sex work because I love the voyeuristic exhibitionist aspect and it’s something I’m called to. Also, it’s something I’m very, very good at.”

No arguments there.

Hot MILF Justine Jakobs fucks her step-son

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