How the modern businesswoman celebrates a big deal

How the modern businesswoman celebrates a big deal

Businesswoman Sally D’Angelo landed a big deal and wants to celebrate. Her husband is out of town, but he left her something to celebrate with. Actually, two somethings: young studs Levi and Rocky.

“Most ladies would like to have a massage or a hot bath,” Sally says, “but not me. I’d rather have a couple of hot, juicy cocks.”

The two young dudes take turns fucking this big-titted granny’s tight cunt and dick-hungry mouth until they spray her face with nut-butter.

“I cum a lot when I have sex,” said Sally, who’s from Indianapolis and lives in Florida. “If the guy is good, or the girl is good, I’ll cum hard. I can cum just sitting here talking about it practically. I know what I like sexually, and I know how to get it. I love being fucked. The louder I’m moaning, the harder I’m getting fucked.”

50Plus MILFs: Do you ever get recognized when you’re out?

Sally: Yes, especially since I got these bigger. [Jiggles her tits] It happens all the time. At airports, the mall, the gym, the post office, neighbors, even Wal-Mart. I just moved and the landscaper recognized me. I asked him if he jacked off to my pink pussy and he blushed.

50Plus MILFs: You have a lot of fans. Ever had sex with one?

Sally: As a matter of fact, I have. A guy at a restaurant recognized me, so we chit-chatted. He was cute, so I said, “Let’s fuck,” and holy fuck, did he have a huge cock, biggest one I’ve ever seen on a white guy!

50Plus MILFs: How has being a model and a porn star changed you?

Sally: It really hasn’t. I’ve always been kinky, and now I just get paid to be kinky. But I’d be doing it whether I was getting paid or not. I fuck all the time in my personal life, and you’ve seen the clothes I wear in public. I get a lot of attention, and I take advantage of it to fuck a lot. But you know what’s funny? I used to be very shy.

50Plus MILFs: Like when you were 10 years old?

Sally: [Laughs] No, really! I was very shy, and then I just opened up, and now I open up all the time! [Laughs]

50Plus MILFs: So what’s your favorite thing about being a model?

Sally: I’ve always wanted to be in the spotlight, and now I am. Plus, I get to fuck all these young, hung studs and do the kinds of things most women don’t even dream about doing. I really don’t have any fantasies anymore because I’ve made them all come true.

How the modern businesswoman celebrates a big deal

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