Game, set, ass!

Game, set, ass!

Raquel Sieb, who was 46 years old when this scene (remastered in HD for the first time) was shot, once told us, “Those young California girls think they have something on me because they’re younger. Fine. Let them think whatever they want. I know how to make a man cum.”

That’s for sure. In this scene, Raquel is getting a tennis lesson on an outdoor court.

“We’re going to work on your forehand and your backhand,” the tennis instructor says to her. He’s very hands-on. Why does he have to touch Raquel’s ass while he’s teaching her how to play tennis? Because it’s there. Well, her husband is there, too, at least at the start. But he has to run off and do some errands. No worries. Raquel’s in good hands.

Before long, she’s grinding her ass into his crotch and then she’s reaching back and demonstrating her backhand technique on his cock and sucking his dick right there on the tennis court. The action moves inside, where Raquel continues to give him a wet, deep blow job, then the instructor fucks her pussy and ass while she spreads her very pink cunt.

Raquel is a mother of four and a grandmother of three. She’s now divorced. She told us how she got into anal sex.

“My husband loved anal, and I was 19 and he didn’t know what he was doing and was kind of rough about it,” she said. “We did it so much that I got used to it, and I started to love it. I would masturbate while he was fucking me in the ass, so I eventually started to love having a cock in my ass.”

More about Raquel: Her hobbies are shopping, yoga, dancing, hiking, reading and going to wine tastings. She said, “I love Bikram yoga. Eating lots of organic veggies, meat and grains keeps me in shape.” She was born in New Jersey, lived in California for a while then moved to Chicago. Oh, and don’t think this woman was a goody-two-shoes before she started fucking on-camera. She was a stripper for 15 years.

There’s more of Raquel at from when she became a brunette. We think she looks sluttier as a blonde. But either way, nobody’s complaining.

Game, set, ass!

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