Victoria’s pre-wedding present to herself

Victoria’s pre-wedding present to herself

Victoria's pre-wedding present to herself

Until recently, Victoria Peale didn’t know what a MILF was. She knows now. But she still blushes when she says what the “F” means. And when she sat in our styling room before her first hardcore photo shoot, she was nervous. Very nervous. Excited, too. Well, here, Victoria’s nerves don’t show. But her excitement definitely does.

Victoria, a flight attendant from Arizona, is 57. Her fuck partner is 30. Younger than Victoria’s son. The weekend after she did this scene, she got married. But before she did, she wanted to fulfill her husband-to-be’s fantasy and get fucked by a porn stud. We like to make things happen, especially when they’re happening to a sensational MILF with a beautiful face and a killer body.

If you’re wondering, Victoria’s tits are D-cups, but they look more like double-Ds to us.

Funny thing: Victoria didn’t think she knew how to fuck on camera.

“What should I do?” she asked.

“Just have fun,” we said. “Do what you normally do when you have sex.”

“Should I be a slut?” she said. “Do you want me to be wild?”

“Just be yourself,” we told her.

So here’s Victoria, raw and unscripted, wanton at times, wild at others, but always the hot MILF next door. This is what we all fantasize about.

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