Creampied by her step-son

Creampied by her step-son

Beth McKenna, 52, is sunbathing in a little bikini, the kind most 52-years-olds wouldn’t dare wear. She gets her tits out (they’re little and firm), pours oil on them and rubs it in. Beth is clearly enjoying herself and her hot body.

And so is somebody else. You see, Beth is not alone. She’s being watched. Nicky is looking at her from above, and he’s enjoying himself, too. But then he trips over a step and Beth hears him.

“Nicky, is that you?” she says.

By the way, when she says that, she does not cover up. HER TITS ARE STILL OUT.

“Were you watching me?” she asks.

He stumbles over his words. “Mom?”


“You can call me Mom,” she says. “I am your step-mom. Why don’t you come down here?”

He does as ordered, and it’s immediately apparent to Beth that he was watching her. Why is it apparent? Because Nicky is tenting his trousers.

So Beth does what any step-mother would do. She asks him, “Do you want to see what your dad is fucking?”

Okay, so any step-mother would not say that. But Beth would. She takes him inside and sucks his cock, and he gets to fuck Step-Mom’s slightly hairy pussy and cum inside it. And Step-Mom eats his cum.

Hmmm…step-son creampies his step-mom…isn’t that a little risky?

Creampied by her step-son

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