Catrina Costa – Catrina fucks her best friend’s son

Catrina fucks her best friend's son

Catrina Costa, 50, catches 22-year-old Peter jacking off at his computer. He’s embarrassed. She’s not.

“That looks pretty interesting,” Catrina says.

“Catrina, my mom’s not here,” Peter says, flustered, trying to cover his penis. “She’s not going to be back until later, so you can go now.”

“Peter, show me, I wanna see,” Catrina insists, dressed sexily in a cleavage-revealing top and a short skirt.

Catrina has known him since she was little. She and his mom are best friends, and now she’s going to help out her best friend’s son by showing him how to treat a woman.

Catrina knows how she wants to be treated. This is her first time fucking on-camera, but this divorced mother-of-three from Rhode Island (now living in California) is a swinger. She and her boyfriend host bi-weekly gang-bang parties.

“The wildest night might have been when we had 28 guys show up, but all the women flaked,” Catrina said. “I was tired at the end of the evening!”

Tired and happy. Catrina is into anal sex, but that’s a story for another day. She wants to have her mouth, pussy and asshole filled at the same time. “Air-tight,” she calls it. She likes to be spanked. She likes when guys cum on her chest. She says her family would be very surprised to see her here “because they are very religious. My co-workers would also be surprised because at work, I am quiet and keep to myself.”

Catrina is an accountant. That doesn’t sound like too much fun. What she’s doing here is definitely a lot of fun. Enjoy her.

Catrina fucks her best friend's son

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