Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

Ass-fucked and gaping

“Do you like these? Are they big enough for you?” big-titted 41-year-old Holly says to her man at the start of this scene. She’s wearing sexy lingerie that her DD-cups are pouring out of and, understandably, he can’t keep his hands off her. Then he’s digging deep down her panties for pussy, and she’s getting hornier by the second.

“I like it when you show me who’s in charge,” she says. “You’re making me so wet.”

Holly’s tits come out. Then she gets on all fours to show him her surprise: a multi-pierced pussy.

“I decorated it for you,” she says.

What she didn’t have to decorate is her asshole, which gets banged hard and deep in just about every position, culminating in missionary, which is how her ass is getting fucked when the dude cums inside.

“I thought, ‘What would make my on-camera anal experience even hotter?'” Holly said. “‘How about letting him cum in my ass?’ I mean, it’s anal. It’s kind of a raunchy thing. Why not make it over-the-top with a messy anal creampie?”

Hey, why not?

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