Ruby’s red-hot!

Ruby's red-hot!

Ruby O’Connor is back to tell us about herself and put on a toy show. Ruby, who’s 56 years old and married, was sent to us by 60Plus MILF Leah L’Amour and her hubby, proving once again that the ladies who show their stuff for us are our best advocates.

50PlusMILFs: Does it surprise you that so many guys are attracted to you at age 56?
Ruby: A little bit. At this age, to be so attractive to so many young guys is surprising but it’s cool. I like it. It’s a bit of a turn-on.

50PlusMILFs: You look amazing. Do you workout?
Ruby: I do. I enjoy it very much. I’ve been doing it for about six or seven years. It’s a big stress reliever, and I enjoy the looks afterward. I walk into a room and people can tell that I workout.

50PlusMILFs: When you go to a party, what will you wear?
Ruby: Usually tight jeans or tight workout pants and a nice sleeveless shirt or a tank top that shows off my curves. I have kind of an hourglass figure. I like the attention very much.

50PlusMILFs: How about going to the grocery store?
Ruby: Pretty much the same. I don’t wear heels to the grocery store, but I dress pretty much the same.

50PlusMILFs: Did your husband have something to do with you being here?
Ruby: He encouraged it after I said I would like to do it. He likes sharing me.

Ruby's red-hot!

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