Amber, a young stud and a white couch

Amber, a young stud and a white couch

When this scene opens, Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old MILF from California, is on her smartphone. She seems frustrated. Why would a hot redhead like Mrs. Dawn be frustrated?

“I can never find a good date or what I’m looking for,” she says. But then she says, “Hmmm, he looks good. Twenty-one, 22. Fit. Dark hair. Hung. Okay, I’m clicking on him!”

Sometimes you swipe right on Tinder and wait hours, maybe forever. But not when you’re a hottie like Amber. Within seconds, the unknown, young, hung dude swipes right back, and Amber has a date.

“Can you come over right now because I’m really fucking horny?” she texts back.

As you can imagine, the guy responds even quicker than he did the first time.

The guy shows up. He’s young enough to be her son. For some reason, he comments on her white couch. Maybe he’s nervous. Maybe he doesn’t know what to do next.

“It’s a nice couch,” he says.

The guy’s a little preoccupied with that couch, but then he says, “I don’t really like girls my age. They’re not mature enough for me.”

Yeah. Their couch knowledge is a little shaky.

“I’m glad you like a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it,” Amber says. “I just want a good time. I want to feel good. There’s just one stud I need: a young stud like you. You don’t mind being used a little, do you?”

He doesn’t, especially if he gets used on that WHITE COUCH.

Amber sucks his cock on that white couch. She gets her pussy eaten on that white couch. She gets fucked every which way on that white couch. And that white couch stays white because the dude has good aim and cums on her tits.

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Amber, a young stud and a white couch

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