You’ll wish you were in Dixie

You’ll wish you were in Dixie

You'll wish you were in Dixie

What’s going on here? A mismatch, that’s what. Juan has just taken Dixie out to dinner, and Dixie looks too classy in her pretty dress. Juan? He’s dressed like a schlub. A P-I-G pig! But Dixie doesn’t care. She has her eyes on his cock.

Turns out that Juan is going to give Dixie a dancing lesson, and she has no rhythm at all. Hey, what does a lady from Alabama know about salsa, other than it’s something you put on chips. But she starts to catch the beat when he starts grinding his cock into her ass and pawing her pussy. There we go! Now this date is finally getting started!

Before long, Dixie is deep-throating Juan’s cock, and he’s fucking her pussy, and then he’s cumming inside her pussy. He withdraws, she fingers her Southern cunt, and what do we see? A creampie! It’s white and sticky, and it’s dripping out of Dixie’s pussy.

Dixie, who’s 42, said she decided to fuck on-camera because she was looking for a little excitement.

“I wanted to try something different. My husband and I are swingers, and I had a fantasy about me being in a men’s magazine, and he likes seeing me fuck total strangers.”

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