Welcome to the neighborhood, MILFS!

Welcome to the neighborhood, MOM!

Now here’s something that doesn’t happen every day (but should). Nicky, who just might be the luckiest man in the universe, is walking along, minding his own business, when he passes super-hot MOM Ainsley Adams. Ainsley, who’s 49 years old, is wearing a petite top, a tiny, denim skirt and highheels, and when she sees Nicky, she decides she wants some of that. So she intentionally drops her purse, hoping Nicky will stop to pick it up. Good Samaritan (or opportunist) that he is, Nicky kneels down to pick it up just as Ainsley does the same.

And guess what?

Ainsley isn’t wearing any underwear. Her shaved pussy is completely exposed.

“Hi,” Nicky says, understandably flustered. “You’re new here, right?”

“We just moved in,” Ainsley says, “we” being her and her husband.

Husband, eh? So much for that, right?

Wrong. Because Ainsley wants to get to know the neighborhood meat a petite better. She invites him inside. Her husband is gone. He isn’t going to be back for a while. And if that’s not all the invitation Nicky needs, he gets more when Ainsley grabs his shirt and pulls him inside.

First thing she shows him: the bedroom.

Resistance is futile. Ainsley is beautiful. She has big tits and super-long legs. She also has a mouth that easily deep-throats Nicky’s cock without gagging at all. He worships her feet and legs, and Ainsley gives him that rarest of treats at 40SomethingMag.com: a foot job.

This scene, Ainsley’s first, has it all: deep-throat, legs, feet, tit-fucking, tea-bagging and then, of course, hot pumping, with Ainsley’s perfect body on full display; not an ounce of clothing. He cums in her mouth and Ainsley tries to drink every drop.

Looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Welcome to the neighborhood, OLDER!

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