Victoria Versaci – Fuck the big-assed cleaning lady!

Fuck the big-assed cleaning lady!

Big-assed Mexican MILF Victoria Versaci is back, and this time, she’s the cleaning lady in an office building. Tony is working overtime when he notices Victoria. Actually, he notices her tits and ass because even a standard-issue uniform like the one Victoria is wearing can’t hide her assets. Tony decides to take a break from working and asks Victoria if she’d like to take a break, too. Fortunately, they both have the same kind of break in mind. Sucking and fucking ensues. They’ll be in big trouble if the boss shows up.

Victoria is a mother and divorcee from Mexico, and she has one of the finest asses we’ve ever seen. It’s big, round and demands to be pounded. How fine is Victoria’s ass? It looks good even when she’s wearing sneakers. Most women need heels to make their ass look half as good as Victoria’s looks even without the assistance of lift. No wonder Tony chooses Victoria’s rump as the landing spot for his cum.

Victoria is 52 years old. She lives in Los Angeles. She’s divorced. This is her second time fucking on-camera. The first time was also with us. As sexy as she is, she doesn’t go out looking for cock. She doesn’t cruise the beaches finding young guys who’ll bang her from behind. She’s not a nudist. She’s not a swinger. She’d never had sex on-camera before she came to She’s a sexy Latina businesswoman.

That’s right, she isn’t a cleaning lady. But she’d be a heckuva good one if she were.

Fuck the big-assed cleaning lady!

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