Victoria Lobov: The Peeper In The Woods

Victoria Lobov: The Peeper In The Woods

Victoria Lobov: The Peeper In The Woods

Victoria Lobov is out for a walk in the woods. She loves the outdoors where she can be one with nature. The birds, the sun, the grass, the guy hiding behind a tree watching her.

The slim and stacked vixen sees a blanket laid out on the grass. Why is it there? Who left it?

It’s bait for a busty blonde sexbomb. And the local peeper who left it there is just waiting for the right woman to get comfy on it.

Victoria takes a dildo out of her bag and gets busy. She cums equipped, and after she cums, the peeper appears. Victoria recognizes him and the bulge in his pants.

“I want to see what you’ve got there, Tony,” Victoria says with a mischievous smile , pulling his pants down and popping his dick between her sexy lips. The fucking in the woods begins. There might be another peeper watching the horny couple go at it but they’re too busy to care.

SCORELAND: You’re very fit and slim. What kind of exercises do you like to do?

Victoria Lobov: I only do walking. I just don’t eat.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do most on a free night?

Victoria Lobov: Have a glass of red wine, cuddle up and watch a good romance or comedy movie. When I was in my teens and twenties…PARTY!

SCORELAND: What kind of questions do your fans ask you?

Victoria Lobov: How big are your boobs? Do you have sex with fans? Do you enjoy anal?

SCORELAND: What mistakes do men make in bed?

Victoria Lobov: When they don’t take charge. I love to be taken and feel overpowered.

SCORELAND: Do you have any girlfriends with big boobs like yours we should know about?

Victoria Lobov: No, I don’t. All my girlfriends have natural boobs. I just happen to have a wonderful sugar daddy who pays for my enhancements.

SCORELAND: How do you rate your sex drive compared to other girls?

Victoria Lobov: High. My cuddling drive is also very high.

Victoria Lobov: The Peeper In The Woods

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