Victoria Lobov cums to

Victoria Lobov cums to

Victoria Lobov cums to

Now 50 years old, sizzlingly hot wife Victoria Lobov, who broke her hardcore cherry at when she was 47, makes her debut. Victoria, who’s blonde, super-slim and has SCORE-sized tits, is wearing a monokini when she shows up for her photo shoot, but she’d rather suck and fuck her photographer than pose solo. Of course, he’s fine with that.

50Plus MILFs: Where is the craziest place you’ve ever had sex.

Victoria: In the lavatory of an airplane. We were going to Europe. It was a long flight. I was with my husband, and I was getting bored, so you drink, then you drink a little more and you touch each other and get all excited. And you have a lot of time. He needed to go to the bathroom because he couldn’t sit there with a bulge in his pants, and then I thought, “Why not follow him?” So I just did that. I knocked. Nobody saw me, and there were two of us inside, and it was tight.

50Plus MILFs: Did the flight attendants see you go in there?

Victoria: No. Nobody saw us. Well, maybe somebody saw, but nobody interrupted us.

50Plus MILFs: Was this all-the-way sex?

Victoria: It was sex! All the way!

50Plus MILFs: What were you wearing?

Victoria: A mini-dress. It was easy access! We just stood there and we did it. It was the most-fun I’ve ever had. It was forbidden. It was something you’re not supposed to do. It was just exciting. Afterwards, I thought we could’ve been caught, but it was worth it.

50Plus MILFs: Did the possibility that you might have been caught make it more exciting?

Victoria: Oh, yes, definitely.

Victoria Lobov cums to

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