Victoria DPs herself

Victoria DPs herself

How much did 47-year-old Victoria Lobov enjoy her first DP scene at Quite a lot, obviously, because here she’s all alone and DPing herself simply because she loves how it feels.

Victoria is wearing a short, orange lingerie dress that encases her big tits. The camera zooms in on her cleavage then zooms out so we can see her beautiful body. When she rubs her pussy, we can hear how wet it is. She turns around, bends over, spreads her ass and slaps her cheeks. Then she lies back, lubes a toy and slides it into her asshole. She slides it in and out, nice and slow, then grabs a huge, realistic dildo and fucks her pussy with it. Meanwhile, the other toy is still in her ass, so now she’s DPing herself.

40SOMETHING: You dress with style. What do you wear when you go out in nice weather?

Victoria: High heels, hot pants and a tight top with big cleavage. Anything more will be too warm.

40SOMETHING: What positions are your favorites for tit-fucking?

Victoria: I mastered only one position so far: where the guy is lying down and I’m between his legs.

40SOMETHING: Where do you like your guy to cum the most?

Victoria: On my boobs. It makes my skin so smooth and silky.

40SOMETHING: Has having huge boobs improved your sex life?

Victoria: Absolutely. It’s much more passionate and intense. It also got me numerous scenes for you with young hunks.

40SOMETHING: Do you have an ideal cock size?

Victoria: I don’t have a preference for a size. I love any cock size, big or small. As long as it squirts.

40SOMETHING: Do you ever unconsciously play with your breasts, for example, when you’re watching TV?

Victoria: I don’t, but I have my hubby do that for me when we watch TV.

40SOMETHING: Do you have a dominant or submissive personality?

Victoria: I’m very submissive. I love it when a guy takes the lead.

Victoria DPs herself

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