Vanessa, the fuck machine and the delivery man

Vanessa, the fuck machine and the delivery man

It’s a big day at the Videl household. The gift that Vanessa ordered has arrived in the mail, and she can’t wait to try it out. But first, she has to put it together, so she asks the delivery man, who is absolutely bewildered, to help her. He hesitates, but it’s hard to turn down a 56-year-old hottie like Vanessa.

Now, at this point, he doesn’t know what’s in the boxes, but when he opens one of the boxes, he’s shocked to pull out…a big dildo!


“My fuck machine!” Vanessa exclaims. “Please help me put it together.”

He hesitates but then…like we said, a woman like Vanessa is hard to resist.

“And help me use it,” she says.

You know where this is going.

“I am ready to play with my fuck machine,” she says gleefully as he puts the last pieces together, by now aware that this is going to be a very good day. Then Vanessa unzips her top and places the dildo at the end of the fuck machine’s arm.

The delivery man is about to get his tip. The fuck machine fucks Vanessa’s pussy while she sucks his cock. But Vanessa prefers the real thing, so when it’s time for the actually fucking, Vanessa puts aside the machine and takes the delivery man’s big, real cock inside her tight cunt and in her ass. She deep-throats the cock right out of her ass, too.

Looks like the real fuck machine is Vanessa.

Vanessa, the fuck machine and the delivery man

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