The sexy realtor

The sexy realtor

“I love being watched while I have sex,” 43-year-old wife Amber Dawn said. “The bigger the crowd the better. I love the camera on me and all eyes on me. It gets me super turned-on.”

She came to the right place. Thousands and thousands of people all over the world are going to be watching her having sex here at

In this scene, Amber Dawn is a sexy, horny realtor. Is there any other kind? She’s wearing a button-down top that displays a lot of cleavage and a short, tight skirt that shows off her juicy ass. She’s showing a house to Scotty, and she’s so overtly flirty that we’re not surprised when, before long, she’s sucking and fucking his big, black cock.

“Maybe we should try out the bed,” she says when they get to the bedroom.

No “maybe” about it.

“Last summer, my husband found a beautiful, young, 25-year-old ballplayer in impeccable shape with a huge cock for my birthday and filmed and directed me sucking and fucking him,” Amber Dawn said. “Since then, all I see are young, beautiful men. I’m very turned on by them.”

We’re very turned on by Amber Dawn. She’s beautiful. Long, red hair. Milky-white skin. Curves forever.

“I love initiating sex and am always up for it,” she said. “I have not once ever said no. I’m always in the mood.”

The sexy realtor

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