The mechanics DP Dana Divine

The mechanics DP Dana Divine

In this remastered scene from the DVD MILF and Mechanics, two dudes working in a car repair shop get reamed out by their boss for sitting around and doing nothing. He warns them against fooling around with his female customers. You can guess what happens next.

Dana Divine, a 44-year-old blonde, long-legged MILF drives up in her car and gets out. Lube job, anyone?

“I’ll change her oil,” Jordan says to Red.

“Would you care to pop my hood?” Dana asks the grease monkeys.

Damn right they would. Before they even bother to find out what’s wrong with her car–there’s actually nothing wrong with her car–Dana gets down on her knees and sucks their cocks. They fuck on the garage floor, Dana with her ass in the air, getting plowed from behind while she sucks the other mechanic’s cock. Then, because this is a full-service shop, they move to her asshole, and then they’re DPing her right there on the floor of the garage! This is filthy, nasty stuff.

We asked Dana about this scene, and she said, “I loved it. I loved sucking one guy’s dick while the other fucked me, and I loved showing off my specialty: sucking off one cock while jacking off the other.”

She also offered her feelings about DP.

“I love it. I love the feeling of being totally filled up, whether it’s two cocks or my dildo and some anal beads. But, outside of this movie, it’s not as easy as you’d think to get guys to do double penetration. Maybe they don’t want to get their dicks that close to another guy’s. But the feeling, for me, is indescribable!”

The mechanics DP Dana Divine

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