The Brit EXPERIENCED and her long-distance cuck

The Brit MILFS and her long-distance cuck

The British EXPERIENCED and her long-distance cuck

When we first see Nel in this scene, she’s talking on the phone to her husband.

“Hello, darling,” she says. “How’s work?”

On the surface, this sounds like a normal conversation, the kind millions of wives have with their husbands every day. But then Nel confesses to Hubby that she’s not at the conference she told him she was going to.

“What I’m actually doing is a porn shoot for,” she says. “And I’m going to get fucked for the whole world to see, and you’re going to stay and listen to me.”

When the camera pans down, we find out that the action has already started. There’s a man between Nel’s legs eating her pussy! His name is Chris. He’s 26 years old. Nel is 45, and she proceeds to tell her husband exactly what he’s doing.

But Hubby doesn’t mind.

“My husband likes to watch me have sex,” Nel told us. ” We live a cuckold lifestyle. He doesn’t even have to be in the room all the time. As long as he knows I’m getting nailed, he’s happy.”

He should be very happy here as the man, the youngest Nel has ever humped, sucks her big tits and pumps her pussy. Nel provides running commentary to her husband…except when she has Chris’s penis in her mouth.

The man finishes off by nailing Nel’s tits and shooting his load all over her chest and face. Nel finishes off by telling her hubby all about it.

Is this the key to a happy marriage?

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