Thanks to her daughter, Desi’s getting ass-fucked!

Thanks to her daughter, Desi's getting ass-fucked!

Desi, who’s 51 and getting ass-fucked in this scene, has a story we know you’ll love to hear.

Desi tagged along when her daughter, Elli, went to pose for, but once she got to The SCORE Group studio, she couldn’t keep her clothes on. She decided to pose for us, too. She got naked by herself. She got naked with her daughter. While her daughter was fucking in one part of the studio, Desi fucked in another. But then she out-slutted even her horny daughter. Desi took her hot body outside and got fucked in her tight ass.

“I knew when I tagged along with Elli, I’d probably end up modeling, too, because I was curious,” Desi said. “But I definitely didn’t think I’d be having sex on-camera, and if you would’ve told me that I’d let some guy who I’d never met before fuck my ass, I would’ve said you were crazy.”

Nope, we’re not crazy. We’ve got the video proof.

“The ride home from the studio with my daughter was kind of funny,” Desi reported. “We were driving back to Tampa, and we were both kind of quiet, then we started giggling. Then Elli said, ‘Can you believe what we just did?’ And I was like, ‘You’re not gonna believe what I just did.’ And she said, ‘Mom, you didn’t!’ And I nodded, and she said, ‘Mom, you’re such a slut!’ and we started laughing again. And I said, ‘Yeah, honey, I guess I am!'”

Yep, we guess she is.

Thanks to her daughter, Desi's getting ass-fucked!

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