Tattoeed fuck slut’s first anal scene

Tattoeed fuck slut's first anal scene

You can’t tell a book by its cover, and you often can’t tell a woman by her
outward appearance. Take Isabella Loren. She looks like what she is: a very attractive, very slim,long-legged 46-year-old divorcee and mom. If you saw her in the mall, you’d probably look her over and think, “Very nice. I’d fuck her.” You wouldn’t think, “Totally tattooed fuck slut who loves it in the ass.” But if you did, you’d be right!

“Given the choice, I want it in my ass,” says Isabella, who was born in California and now lives in South Florida. “My body is very little, so guys are always afraid they’re going to break me in half if they fuck me too hard. And then when it’s time for anal, they always think they have to be gentle. Not with me, they don’t! When it’s time for anal, my ass is always wet and juicy, so you can pound it. Stick your dick in my asshole and work it! Slap my ass and fuck me until my ass is sore. I love it, baby!”

It’s hard to believe that this is Isabella Loren’s first on-camera fuck, but it is. In fact, she would fuck on-camera only once more, for us.

“I wanna ass-fuck,” she tells us at the start of the scene. Then, later, when the guy is drilling her asshole, she says, “Oh, fuck my ass, baby! I wanna feel it in my ass!” The guy keeps sticking his dick in her ass and taking it out then sticking it in again, over and over, and Isabella can take it. She loves it! Then he moves his cock back and forth between her pussy and her asshole. Pretty filthy stuff!­ And she loves that, too.

How is it possible that Isabella didn’t become a porn star? Well, she was fulfilling a fantasy by coming to our studio. And that makes this scene even more special.

Tattoeed fuck slut's first anal scene

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