Taking turns on Lilly James’ ass

Taking turns on Lilly James' ass

Lilly James, a 46-year-old wife and mom from Houston, Texas who says she’s very quiet, shy and conservative, is a woman we can’t get enough of. Now she’s back for her third-ever fuck scene, and it’s a great one: a three-way with JMac and Tyler in which she takes their big cocks up her tight ass.

“I like anal,” Lilly told us. “My husband and I have been working on that for a little while, and finally I’ve gotten to enjoy it. We’d been trying to find a way to get me more relaxed. I found that I was better when I’d had a little bit to drink, but finally I figured out how to relax and enjoy it.”

Here, she’s alcohol-free and enjoying it a lot. She sucks the guys’ cocks and balls. They fuck her pretty face and teabag her. Then they take turns fucking her mouth and pussy. And finally, Lilly gets her ass fucked on-camera for the first time, including in the piledriver position. We bet her husband never fucked her ass in that position! When the guys can’t hold back any longer, they glaze her face with cum.

By the way, this is definitely not the first time Lilly has had a three-way with two guys. She told us about the time she did two guys in a bar, and not a swingers bar.

“It was a dark bar, and I was fucking a 27-year-old and sucking another guy’s cock at the same time,” Lilly said. “My husband and I were at the bar, and then we went upstairs. I brought a 27-year-old who we had met not long before that with me. And I was fucking the 27-year-old, and another guy was just watching, so my husband said to him, ‘Come over here.’ So he whipped his cock out and I started sucking it while I was fucking the 27-year-old.”

Meanwhile, “about 10 or 15 people were watching.”

Lilly loves the idea of being watched while having sex. She gets off on the fact that thousands and thousands of guys are going to be watching her scenes and jacking off to her.

“Definitely,” she said.

So make her happy, gentlemen.

Taking turns on Lilly James' ass

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