Super MILF’s first on-camera fuck

Super MILF's first on-camera fuck

In her first-ever hardcore fuck scene, Lexi Sapphire, a 49-year-old mother and grandmother, is a fitness instructor. Her client is Jonathan, who just got divorced and wants to get back in shape. He came to the right place. Lexi is a real trophy MILF with her long, blond hair, big tits, tiny waist, long legs and overall bangin’ body. She’s wearing a sheer, yellow top with no bra that her hard nipples are poking through. She’s wearing short, black workout shorts that are so tight, we can see some cameltoe.

Jonathan notices, and before long, he realizes that the life of a divorced man might not be so bad after all. She stretches in front of him, he checks out her ass (how could he not; it’s practically in his face), and before long, it’s as if they’re dry-humping, not exercising. Then she sucks his cock, and now they’re definitely not exercising!

Lexi used to be an exotic dancer. If you saw her out in public, she’d probably be wearing “my gym clothes or a cute little sundress or a skirt with a midriff top.”

She’s a nursing assistant. She isn’t a swinger. She isn’t a nudist, either, but she said, “I wouldn’t mind that.”

She told us she had sex with a much-younger man when she was 35.

“He was 18,” Lexi said. “He was my niece’s love interest, but he liked me a lot more. We were at a party and he followed me to the bathroom, where we made out. Then later, we went out on a date, had dinner and went to a movie, and then we went to a hotel room, where he proceeded to seduce me. I was blown away that a teenager was so good in bed.”

And we’re sure he was blown away by Lexi, too.

Super MILF's first on-camera fuck

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