Shower sex with her son’s best friend

Shower sex with her son's best friend

Connor is over at his friend’s house and on his way downstairs to get something to drink when he hears noise coming from another room. He thought nobody but he and his buddy were in the house, and when he goes to investigate, he realizes the noise is coming from the bathroom, and when he peeks inside, he sees his friend’s hot mom in the shower, naked, of course, her hands on her tits and pussy.

Well, that’s not exactly the kind of sight that a young man can turn away from, so he keeps watching. And suddenly, Mrs. Banks sees him.

Uh-oh, right?

Uh-oh, wrong!

“Connor, is that you?” Mrs. Banks says.

“Yeah,” he stammers.

“Get the fuck in here.”

He mumbles a lame excuse, but she’s not buying it. She knows what he wants. She knows what she wants, too.

“Let’s not make any noise,” she says, knowing her son is right down the hallway. “I wanna see your cock.”

Before Connor knows it, Mrs. Banks is sucking his cock in the shower, then she’s sitting on his face and then they’re fucking and he’s cumming in her mouth.

What a life!

Mrs. Banks is Brandii Banks, a 41-year-old mom from Toronto. When we asked her what she likes most about sex, she said, “Everything. Penetration. Oral sex. I love to suck cock. It’s one of my specialties. I use my hands. I use my tongue to make it wet. I’m the queen of blow jobs.”

How could Connor have known that his best friend’s mom is the Queen of Blow Jobs? Well, he knows now.

Shower sex with her son's best friend

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