Show and tell with Andrea Grey

Show and tell with Andrea Grey

In her first professional video, 47-year-old Colombian divorcee and mom Andrea Grey tells us a few things about herself. Then she takes her big tits out of her very low-cut dress and shows you exactly where to touch her. And then she gets herself off. Loudly.

“I think in my other life, I was an actress because I love to show myself the way I am, and this is one of the ways,” Andrea said.

Yes, that’s right: showing her big, fake tits and very wet pussy (and her butthole, too) is one of the ways. Another way: fucking on-camera for all the world to see. That’ll happen next.

Andrea has had some interesting sexual encounters. For example, there was the time she got a guy off with her feet…while she was wearing high heels.

“I’d never done anything like that,” she said. “He never touched me. He touched my shoes only. I was so impressed. I’ve never seen a guy cum so much. He exploded! It was so cool. And can you imagine my shoes?”

Actually, it’s not Andrea’s shoes we’re thinking about.

Anyway, enjoy this sexy Latina MILF. The best is yet to come.

Show and tell with Andrea Grey

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