Sherry Stunns cums to 50Plus MILFs

Sherry Stunns cums to 50Plus MILFs

“I enjoy pampering my man and teasing him in and out of the bedroom by making him wait,” said Sherry Stunns, a 51-year-old mother and grandmother. “I’ll pull my guy to the edge, like feeling him up under the table at a nice restaurant, keeping him rock-hard while slowly eating and throwing seductive glances and gestures, teasing him with my long tongue while eating my food. When we eventually arrive home, I’ll ravish him and his body passionately until he can’t take anymore and has to have me. Then he can have his way with his naughty little cum slut, filling all my holes.”

Sounds like a date! Sounds like Sherry, who’s now divorced (she was married when she debuted at, is a fun woman to have around. Today, she’s wearing leopard-print lingerie. Her F-cup tits are busting out. Her panties are crotchless for easy access to her holes.

We asked Sherry if the people back home in Tampa, Florida, would be surprised to see her here.

“Not at all,” she said. “I’ve always been a free-spirit. One time in New York City, I took on five guys to see if I could, and I was air-tight and I loved it.” When we asked her what she’s not into, she said, “I haven’t found it yet”

Sherry has a wrestling fetish. She wrestled men and women. She also has an anal sex fetish, which she’ll demonstrate later this week when she sucks and fucks her step-son. She has been a stripper, an escort, a bartender and a fetish model. She attended a religious school when she was growing up. Now she’s a swinger, a nudist and a porn star.

50Plus MILFs: Did you see the scenes you shot last time you were here?

Sherry: Yes, and they were hot!

50Plus MILFs: Did you watch them with somebody?

Sherry: I watched them alone as I was with a very insecure person that was jealous. I am no longer with him due to a lot of those issues, so, yes, I am single now!

50Plus MILFs: What did you think about them?

Sherry: I loved them! I masturbated to them, but I had to be a sneak and watch them when I was alone. I guess I also turn myself on as an exhibitionist!

50Plus MILFs: So you haven’t had sex while watching your scenes?

Sherry: Unfortunately, no. I haven’t found that special person yet.

Sherry Stunns cums to 50Plus MILFs

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