Sexy Latino EXPERIENCED fucks her step-son

Sexy Latin EXPERIENCED screws her step-son

This scene opens just before the end of Juliett’s shower solo, which was posted Tuesday. Juliett, a 54-year-old milfs with a very sexy body–big, firm tits, nice, round ass, slim waist–is in the shower. She’s washing herself off after having fingerfucked herself to a very pleasant sperm. Meanwhile somebody is peeking in on her. He likes what he sees. But who is he?

Her step-son!

“Have you been watching your step-mom having a shower?” Juliett asks, not mad at all. Smiling, in fact. “Do you want to come in and join me? That’s okay to watch your step-mother have a shower.”

Well, it is in this case, but usually? Probably not okay. Most step-mothers would most likely not be happy to catch their step-sons peeping on them in the shower, but Juliett is not like most step-mothers.

“I feel so embarrassed,” he says. “I don’t know if my dad is going to appreciate this.”

“It’s okay,” she says. “He’s going to be out for a partner of hours. Just relax.”

Relax? His penis isn’t relaxed. It’s very hard, which is fine by Juliett. She crouches, strokes it and takes it into her mouth.

“I can’t believe this is happening right now,” Step-Son says.

“Well, it is happening, and it’s okay,” Step-Mom assures him.

Eventually, they move to the bedroom, where they can get more comfortable, and Juliett keeps sucking his penis and his balls. Juliett’s step-son bangs her tits then pounds her pussy hard before cums on her tits. Then she gives him the okay to peep on her whenever he wants.

Hey, Step-Son…better hope Dad doesn’t find out.

Sexy Latin EXPERIENCED fucks her step-son

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