Raquel gets ass-fucked by the pool boy

Raquel gets ass-fucked by the pool boy

“I once had a foursome with two other girls and one very lucky guy,” 47-year-old Raquel Sieb said. “I’m not trying to brag or anything, but after he started fucking my pussy, he didn’t want to fuck the other girls. He just wanted me. They were so mad when he came inside me!”

Raquel’s skill at seducing guys half her age isn’t surprising when you consider that she sucks and fucks better than just about any woman in the world.

“Those young California girls, they think they have something on me because they’re young,” she said. “Fine. Let them think whatever they want. I know how to make a man cum.”

Here, Raquel seduces the pool boy.

“It wasn’t difficult,” she said. “I just wiggled my ass, grabbed his dick and started sucking. Gets ’em every time.”

The action really heats up when she says, “Oh, I want your cock in my ass!” Because the truth is that as much as she loves it in her pussy, she loves it even more in her fine ass.

Raquel gets ass-fucked by the pool boy

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