Quoth Raven,

Quoth Raven,

Raven, 40 and divorced, wouldn’t call herself fetish. She isn’t into any fetishes. But she’s definitely one tough grandma dame.

“I’m into kickboxing,” she said. “And I like bad boys, the type of dude who never takes no for an answer. I never take no for an answer.”

Chances are very few dudes say no to Raven.

“I don’t have any sexual fantasies, but I know what I want,” she said. “I want a man who isn’t going to be nervous or intimidated by me and be aggressive when my head is saying no and my body is saying yes. The guy who fucked me in this scene knew what I wanted and gave it to me.”

Did Raven want sperm all over her face?

Watch and find out.

Quoth Raven,