Payton Hall gets you off

Payton Hall gets you off

Today, in Part II of Payton Hall Week at, Payton is going to help you get off. What, you say you don’t need help when you’re watching a video of a sexy, naked, 56-year-old blonde mom and grandmother? Well, maybe so, but Payton is going to help you anyway. Because she’s a cam model, and like all mature cam models, she knows that jack-off encouragement is always welcome.

“I love those bulges in your pants,” Payton says, “and I want you see you take them out and actually jerk them, and we might have a little session for you where I give you some jerk off instructions. I want to make sure you get off.”

She slowly takes off her dress then takes out her tan-lined tits. She does a slow strip, and when she’s 100% naked, shaved pussy and all, she grabs a dildo that’s hidden behind a pillow. Hey, isn’t that where all women keep their fuck toys?

“This represents your cock,” she says. “I wish it was really here, but since it’s not, I’m going to have to use this cock.”

She licks it and sucks it. Then she strokes it, lies back, spreads her legs and slides the dildo–meaning your cock–into her pussy. Now, this dildo might represent your cock, but it has something your cock doesn’t: a small extension that rubs against her clit while the big part of the dildo is in her pussy.

And that’s how Payton gets off while you get off.

Payton is from Arizona. She’s divorced. She told us, “I started out waitressing and then I did a lot of self-employed things. I co-owned a construction company and a limo service. I was in real estate and house remodeling. I flipped homes. It was fun but not as much fun as this.

“I love sex. I’m doing what I was always meant to do.”

And tomorrow, in Part III, she’ll have sex with a real cock.

Payton Hall gets you off

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