Now 61, huge-titted EXPERIENCED Roxy Royce returns

Now 61, huge-titted MILFS Roxy Royce returns

Now 61, huge-titted OLDER Roxy Royce returns

Now 61 years old, huge-titted Roxy Royce, who broke her porno cherry with us in 2017, returns to show off those big, fake boobs and finger her pierced pussy for our viewing pleasure. Her pussy is a petite bit of a gaper, and that’s very nice. Back in 2017, Roxy said, “My husband and I are both business executives, so we tended to be very discreet, but now I’m doing this, so I guess a lot more people are going to see me, which is fine with both of us. I’m proud of how I look and he’s proud of his wife.”

Roxy, who’s originally from Southern California and now lives in Boston, has HH-cup tits. She told us, “In bed, I attend to all of my man’s sexual needs and desires.”

60Plus MILFs: Did you watch the scenes you shot with us in 2017?

Roxy: Yes, I did.

60Plus MILFs: What did you think about them?

Roxy: I think the scenes are hot! I was amazed at how awesome they were. The people I watched them with became very sexually turned-on.

60Plus MILFs: Did you have sex while watching your scenes?

Roxy: Yes! I must admit I have, and it was great! So exciting!

60Plus MILFs: Has doing those scenes changed you at all?

Roxy: Yes. Shooting my first scenes in your California studio did definitely change me. I now see what others see in me sexually, and I realize how much I enjoy doing porn. I cannot wait to do some more.

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Now 61, huge-titted EXPERIENCED Roxy Royce returns