Natalie Lorenz – Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

Here, Natalie Lorenz, a 49-year-old first-timer, sits down for an interview with the editor. Towards the end, she’s joined by her stud, and he’ll stay with her for the upcoming hardcore video. But for now, it’s time to get to know Natalie. We’re sure that after you get to know her, you’ll want to have sex with her. What? You already want to have sex with her?

Natalie was born in New Orleans and lives in California. She’s lived all over the world and done a lot of things. She’s a beautiful brunette with a curvy body and nice tits. She likes movies, writing, cooking and baking. She once had sex with a young guy she met on an airplane. She’ll tell you all about that in this interview.

We asked Natalie about her wildest sexual encounter, and she said, “On a balcony in Buenos Aires that was very close to the street. Anyone who looked up could’ve seen us.”

Well, Natalie, now, anyone who comes to can see you, too.

Getting to know Natalie Lorenz

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