Mom gets ass-fucked by her fitness trainer

Mom gets ass-fucked by her fitness trainer

Lavita, a 40something wife and MILF from Germany, is a little upset because she thinks her fitness trainer is too young and inexperienced to help her get in shape for her divorce. But when it’s time for some neck exercises, Lavita does them-with her trainer’s cock in her mouth. Soon she orders him to spank her clit with his cock before fucking her. Lavita’s ass needs a workout, too, and he’s happy to oblige!

Lavita told us that she always dresses classy when she’s out in public. Well, she kind of has to, right? She’s a mom. She doesn’t want to embarrass her kids. Forget the fact that she came to our studio and got ass-fucked by a total stranger…the kids will probably never find out about that.


And yet…”One time while I was eating ice cream, a guy came up to me and said, ‘I want you to know you have great dick-sucking lips.”

Her kids weren’t around, so Lavita said, “Thank you.” And then she went on eating her ice cream.

She does have great dick-sucking lips. She has a great dick-swallowing asshole, too.

Mom gets ass-fucked by her fitness trainer